"Tikun Olam"
  • "Tikun Olam"
  • "Tikun Olam"

"Tikun Olam"

Glass Pate’ De Verre , suspended in welded steel, mounted on black walnut.
Equipped with included back-light.
Size: 17-1/2” high x 16-3/4” wide x 9-3/4” deep.
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An ancient biblical story avers that the world was created imperfectly. In order to make the world whole , humanity is instructed to  help others and to live an ethical life. The reform movement of Judaism further instructs  to "uphold the falling, to heal the sick, to free the captive, to comfort all who suffer pain."
Humanity has a long way to go. The sculpture shows that the world is cobbled together, but not yet whole.
If you are contemplating a public venue for this piece, contact us for special terms.